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B.C. escapes as Tech collapses

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Boston College stunned Virginia Tech, 14-10, by scoring two touchdowns in the final two minutes, once again proving the "prevent defense" only prevents you from winning.

Virginia Tech led 10-0 and had been flustering and pressuring B.C. QB Matt Ryan all night, but with less than four minutes to go and the Eagles on their own 8, the Hokies went soft and rushed only three.

Ryan led B.C. to one touchdown, the Eagles recovered the onsides kick, then Ryan led them again. He threw a 24-yard TD pass to Andre Callender on third-and-20 and the No. 2 Eagles stayed unbeaten. On the play, Ryan was rushed again by only three and he had 12 seconds to pass before finally finding Callender all alone in the back of the end zone. In football, 12 seconds is an eternity. So B.C. escapes and the culprits are the Hokie coaches who decided to play it safe and got burned instead. Serves them right. --Jim Buzinski