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Thank Buddah that's over

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Thank you Boston Red Sox for doing your job and sweeping the Colorado Rockies to win the 2007 World Series. Their 4-3 win in Colorado on Sunday night meant a four game sweep of the previously hot Rockies. After Game 1 ended 13-1, the writing was on the wall and despite some nervous moments in Games 3 & 4 due to some iffy bullpen work, the Red Sox never looked seriously challenged. Now I can say "Hey, sure the Angels got bounced from the playoffs by the team that won it all".

It's easy to see why the Red Sox won: pitching. Their starters gave up a total of four runs in four games and Jonathan Papelbon, despite sounding like he's completely stoned all the time in interviews, was a total stud in the closer role.

So, that's two titles in four years for the Red Sox. I think that means that their fans are going to have to find a new self-image: the poor, put-upon Heartbreak Kids Red Sox are gone, they're now The Man, The Establishment. Another interesting baseball season is now done, the World Series another dog. Now I can concentrate on the real football from England and college basketball.

Um, Go Angels!