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It's Miller time again

During one disturbing period in the long history of Monday Night Football, ABC hired comedian Dennis Miller as one of its color commentators. Miller's stint was a disaster. So it comes as a shock that a new weekly show hosted by Miller, Sports Unfiltered, will begin airing on Tuesday nights in November. It boggles the mind that, after the MNF debacle, Miller would get another shot at sports commentary.

If there's good news, however, it's that the show will air on the network that supposedly is now in 74 million homes but most people claim they can't find: Versus.

Of course, anything regarding Dennis Miller should automatically be followed by this brilliant Simpsons quote:

Lisa (reading the Comic Book Guy's T-shirt): "'C:/DOS. C:/DOS/RUN. RUN/DOS/RUN.' Oh, only one person in a million would find that funny. “
Prof. Frink: “Yes, we call that the Dennis Miller ratio.”

If you're that one in a million, congratulations! -- Joe Guckin