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What candidates are athletes giving to?

There's a service on The Huffington Post that allows you to see how much various people are giving to the presidential candidates, including athletes. Some of the results - giving to:

  • Barrack Obama: William Peterson (Eagles), Roy Williams (Cowboys), Marvin Williams (Hawks), Derrek Lee (Cubs)
  • Mitt Romney: Todd Heap (Ravens), Jim Courier (tennis)
  • Hillary Clinton: Meg Vaillancourt & Lawrence Lucchino (both Red Sox executives)
  • Ron Paul: Stephen Gleason (Saints), Erik Vendt (Olympic swimmer)
  • Chris Dodd: John Martin (Indians)
  • Tommy Thompson (withdrawn): Aaron Stecker (Saints)

Obama by far had raised the most money from athletes. While the list of donors who are actors is incredibly long, the above represents just about everyone from sports who's listed; which reinforces the idea that most athletes just don't want to get mixed up in politics. -Cyd Zeigler jr.