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Richard Gasquet, still not gay

1gasqinside.jpgA few months ago we reported the angry denials by tennis player Richard Gasquet to rumors that he might be gay. Gasquet is now denying it even when not asked the question. At the Tennis Masters Cup in China in mid-November, Gasquet made a point of asserting his heterosexuality once again (Complete interview here):

Q. Now your matches are finished. Do you still have any plan to go around the city maybe with your uncle or your girlfriend?
RICHARD GASQUET: My uncle? No. My girlfriend, no. I have no girlfriend, so I will try to find one, one Chinese girl. Why not? Why not? I lost 6-1, 6-1. It will be very hard for me tonight. I'm ready to lose, you know.

Q. Who is the girl watching your match with your uncle?
RICHARD GASQUET: Not my girl. I don't know. Not my girl, for sure. No, no, no, I have just friends. Men friends, but I'm not gay.

Whew! That clears that up. Gasquet needs to get T-shirts printed up that say, "I'm not gay." It would stop all the questions. (Hat tip to a reader for sending us the transcript). --Jim Buzinski