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Fox says no to "wide stance" ad

With Super Bowl XLII a mere 64 days away, the major sponsors are already working on their commercials. However, one ad you apparently won’t see is a proposed ad by, the Internet domain registry which has featured some of the raciest Super Bowl ads in the last three years.

Founder and CEO Bob Parsons reveals on his blog at that the company, instead of filming commercials just to have them rejected, has submitted storyboards for proposed ads to Fox, this year’s Super broadcaster. The network has rejected an ad which would feature two “GoDaddy Girls” in a Minneapolis-St. Paul airport restroom, tapping their feet, parodying the incident in which Idaho Sen. Larry Craig pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct after attempting to hook up for sex with a man who turned out to be an undercover police officer. Parsons wrote that the Fox Standards & Practices department rejected the ad (as well as another proposed ad spoofing the Marilyn Monroe dress-billowing scene in “The Seven Year Itch”) because it was in “poor taste.”

The Fox network, home to “Family Guy” and some of the worst “reality” shows in television history (remember “Temptation Island”?), arbiters of good taste? It boggles the mind. -- Joe Guckin