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David Beckham enhanced?


The London Daily Mail has an article about a photo shoot from a new Armani campaign that suggests that certain body parts might be, uh, digitally enhanced:

The former England captain stares sternly from the poster as if defying anyone to suggest a little computer enhancement might have contributed to the chiselled six-pack or, indeed, to any other parts of his striking physique. ...

His spokesman was less forthcoming about the posters. Asked if the images had been enhanced to give Beckham a greater appeal, he replied: “No comment.”

In comparison, when he wore similar white trunks on holiday off Italy's Ligurian coast 18 months ago, he just did not seem to fill them as well.

Reminds me when Men's Fitness basically put Andy Roddick's face over a more-buff body earlier this year. --Jim Buzinski (Hat tip to Andrew Sullivan)