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Sports roundup: BCS unconstitutional? Dickie V. quiets down

- The commissioners of the conferences that control the BCS shot down a proposal that would have pitted the BCS' Nos. 3 and 4 teams, Oklahoma and Virginia Tech, against one another in the Orange Bowl. I don't know why anyone wonders why they didn't want it; it would have simply added to the clamour for a "plus-one" format, with the winner of that game laying claim to the National runner-up spot.

vitaleinadress.jpg- Dick Vitale, either the best or worst part of college basketball depending on whom you ask, is out for over a month after vocal cord surgery. Duke stock plummets 20 points (image via

- Abercrombie (not the one with naked boys) and Hawaii claim the BCS is unconstitutional. Finally, a good question to ask potential Supreme Court candidates!