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The latest rounds of MLB denials

With the release of the Mitchell Report, we are now seeing the biggest heap of bullshit since Pamplona. While many of those named are trying to make us believe they never took any performance-enhancing drugs (ahem, Roger Clemens), some are trying to convince us that they "only did it once" and it didn't really help.

Orioles 2B Brian Roberts might be the most ridiculous of them all. He's claiming that in 2003 he used steroids "once," but that he somehow realized (of course, immediately AFTER he did it) that it was a huge mistake and not what he "stood for."

While ESPN did a good job of making analyst Fernando Vina disappear for a few days, on Monday he admitted to taking HGH but not steroids, even though the Mitchell Report includes direct claims (and canceled checks) that he bought steroids specifically. The multimillionaire claims he was "desperate" to recover from an injury 10 years into his career so he turned to HGH, by which time he had already made $15 million. It's almost offensive that he would claim desperation. He should said "selfish."

Andy Pettite's nonsense is intellectually offensive. He claims he took HGH (not steroids), and only twice, because he realized he was doing something wrong (even though HGH wasn't against MLB rules at the time). If they all just came clean, the public would likely just sweep it all under the rug and move on. -Cyd Zeigler jr.

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