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Outsports in ESPN the Magazine

ESPN the Magazine has its list of the top sports stories of 2007v(Barry Bonds is No. 1). No. 3 was the season and aftermath of the Indianapolis Colts winning the Super Bowl. Here is what was said about Colts coach Tony Dungy:

LOW: In March, protests Dungy's appearance at a fund-raiser for the Indiana Family Institute, a Christian group that has spoken out against equal rights for gay couples.

HIGH: His book, Quiet Strength, becomes a New York Times best-seller on July 29 and has remained on the list for five months. Says [Peyton] Manning: "He gave me a copy. I've read it. It's a special, special deal there."

Here is what we said about Dungy at the time. And here is what Dungy said about gays earlier this month. --Jim Buzinski