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Whatever happened to journalism?

Next week the January issue of Philadelphia magazine hits newsstands. It will feature Eagles coach Andy Reid and wife Tammy as their cover story, discussing their five-year ordeal dealing with the drug problems of their now-jailed sons Garrett and Britt.

The timing is odd in that, after months of Reid asking the media to respect his family's privacy and saying he wanted to concentrate on his football team, the interview took place earlier this month while the Eagles were still in the playoff picture. In fact, had the Vikings lost on Monday night the Eagles would still be alive for the playoffs as the advance publicity hit the local media.

What really bugs me, though, is that the interviewer (according to the Phila. Daily News) told WIP radio that the article was read over, edited and approved by the Reids.

I realize Andy Reid is a control freak, but he's not discussing national security. If he doesn't want to discuss certain things, then he shouldn't do an interview at all -- or he should set ground rules in advance and the interviewer can then decide whether or not to go ahead with the interview. I can't help but wonder what information is missing from the story.

That a magazine would allow an interview subject to edit and approve an article prior to publication is shameful. -- Joe Guckin