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Female Olympic pole vaulter to become a man

buschbaum.jpgOlympic pole vaulter Yvonne Buschbaum, who finished sixth in 2000, has said on her Web site that she is beginning the process to become a man.

"I feel as if I am a man and have to live my life in the body of a woman," Buschbaum said in a statement on her Web site, according to AOL Sports blog FanHouse. "I am aware of the fact that transsexuality is a fringe issue, and I do not want to be responsible for it remaining on the fringe."

Good for her. It's pretty amazing that more and more people in sports, both men and women, are taking stands to be themselves. And added bonus for her, she already looks incredibly hot to me; she's going to have no problem with the guys . . . or ladies, whatever she's into. -Cyd Zeigler jr.

Thanks to Ross Forman for the tip.