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Who's No. 1? Azusa Pacific!

Who's No. 1 in college football? Beats me, and the BCS title game pitting Ohio State vs. LSU won't settle it either. But we do know that if LSU wins, Azusa Pacific can brag; the same goes for Dakota State if Ohio State wins.

It's part of the fun of the College Football Victory Chain Linker, a devious little program devised by Patrick Gaule. It basically finds a chain between any one college team and another. For example, here is how Azusa Pacific can boast if LSU wins:

Azusa Pacific beat
Malone who beat
Trinity Int'l who beat
Valparaiso who beat
Jacksonville FL who beat
Morehead St who beat
Dayton who beat
Fordham who beat
Rhode Island who beat
Massachusetts who beat
Villanova who beat
Delaware who beat
Navy who beat
Pittsburgh who beat
West Virginia who beat
Mississippi St who beat
Kentucky who beat

It's pretty addictive to plug in random teams and see how they link. It's at least as valid as the BCS. --Jim Buzinski