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Ravens choke it away

There is an easy winner for NFL Bonehead Move of the Year, regardless of what happens the rest of the season: Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan, whose insane timeout cost his team an upset of unbeaten New England.

The Patriots faced a 4th-and-1 at the Ravens' 40 inside two minutes, down 24-20. A stop and Baltimore would have all but ended New England's unbeaten run. The ball was snapped and the Ravens stuffed Tom Brady. But a nanosecond before the snap, Ryan frantically called a timeout and the play did not count. Raven players looked stunned and several eyed the sideline like they wanted to throttle Ryan. On the next snap, the Ravens again stuffed the Patriots but New England was blessed when one of its linemen moved early; a false start is a no play; the Patriots then converted the 4th-and-6. The were then stopped again on fourth down but got defensive holding call and won the game with 44 seconds left, 27-24. A last-ditch pass from the Ravens was caught at the New England 2 but time expired and the Pats moved to 12-0. New England needs to give a game ball to Rex Ryan. --Jim Buzinski