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Huge rating for Giants-Patriots

The NFL scored big with Saturday night's New England Patriots-New York Giants game that was shown on CBS, NBC and the NFL Network. How big? It was the most-watched show of the season and the most-watched NFL regular season game since Thanksgiving 1995. Being unbeaten has made the Patriots mandatory viewing for sports fans. Here are the Top 5 most-watched shows since the TV season started in September:

Dec. 29
NFL Network, CBS, NBC Saturday (Patriots-Giants) 34.5 million
Nov. 4
CBS Sunday National (mostly Patriots-Colts) 33.8 million
Dec. 9
CBS Sunday National (mostly Steelers-Patriots) 30.3 million
Oct. 14
CBS Sunday National (mostly Patriots-Cowboys) 29.1 million
Sept. 27
CSI (season premiere) 25.4 million
--Jim Buzinski