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Sports roundup: Willie's arms, HIV struggles, Tebow, Staubach's sex

- Steelers RB Willie Parker is not going to wear rubber sleeves against the Patriots on Sunday, at the request of some kid, according to AP; those sleeves are blamed for Parker's fumbles last week. I remember when Roethlisberger was a rookie, hadn't lost a game as a starter and was urged by Steelers fans not to wear gloves in a freezing-cold game against the Patriots (some 'tough-guy' Steelers nonsense). He stunk up the joint that day. Why would any player listen to any fan?

- For World AIDS Day, Gaywired featured an article about HIV-positive athletes' struggles.

- Andy over at Towleroad gives us a glimpse of the four Heisman finalists, three of them with their shirts off.

- Tim Tebow: Latest college stud headed for NFL oblivion (here when he was 12).

- This has probably been around the block (ahem), but I'd never seen this video of Roger Staubach talking about having sex (and sticking with one woman). Via SportsbyBrooks.