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God and 'Chuck and Larry' on Sirius

I have been listening to NFL Radio's training camp tour on Sirius for the last couple of weeks. Adam "annoying guttural inflection" Schein and Solomon Wilcots have done a pretty good job hitting most of the NFL's training camps and getting some great interviews with top-name talent at every camp. They loved the Baltimore Ravens in particular; they just haven't stopped talking about Ray Lewis since they got on their knees and worshiped him.

One interview in particular that stuck with me was a conversation with Arizona Cardinals DE Bertrand Berry. The day NFL Radio was there, Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt gave the players the morning off and told them to head to the movies. Most of the guys went to see "The Bourne Ultimatum" (which, by the way, is great). But Berry saw "Chuck and Larry."

As soon as Berry said it, Schein piped up and questioned the decision: How dare he go see a movie about two guys getting married instead of a movie where cars blow up and people die. But Berry was totally cool. He immediately said he loved the movie, in large part because of the great chemistry between Kevin James and Adam Sandler, who play straight guys pretending to be gay. It was like he was talking about Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas in "Basic Instinct." OK, bad analogy, but you get the point. He was totally into it. It even helped me overlook his drooling over Jessica Biel.

One disconcerting piece of NFL Radio: A homophobic ad that I've heard now a couple times. I've reached out to Sirius' PR department; more on that later. -Cyd Zeigler jr