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Golfing in the Catskills

Jim has been trying to get me to visit the Catskills with him and his brother for years. I finally did it this past weekend and was blown away. For those in New York City, I dare say it's a "must" to wind down after a long, hectic week of work. In the small village of Phoenicia where we stayed, I was surprised by how many gay people we saw. As a friend told me post-trip, "it's the new Fire Island;" maybe, but without the attitude, drugs and obnoxious pounding dance music.

I also rediscovered golf this past weekend. We found a great little driving range and 9-hole golf course, called Meadows Golf Center, nestled in a valley amidst the mountains that, for a beginner (and given it's been 12 years since my last golf lesson, I'm a beginner again), was forgiving enough so that my necessary reliance on my irons off the tee didn't spell complete disaster. Much better than the Highland Links we played on Cape Cod last month that swallowed your ball (no pun intended) in the deep grass if you didn't hit the fairway.

It really reminded me of why I loved learning and playing golf years ago; any suggestions for relatively "easy" courses in the area are welcome! - Cyd Zeigler jr.