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Mike Vick has thrown his last pick

We have all seen the last of Michael Vick in an Atlanta Falcons uniform. That's no big shocker. But what many still haven't figured out is that we've seen the last of Vick in the NFL.

Next Monday, as Monday Night Football visits Atlanta, he'll plead guilty to some charges that link him to dog fighting and gambling. He'll end up spending a good 12 months in jail for it. That alone doesn't kill his chances in the NFL. What commissioner Roger Goodell is going to do will fix that. Goodell likely won't ban Vick from the league. He won't have to. What he will do is hand down a 16- to 32-game suspension. Don't think it will be that much? Consider this. Dog fighting is bad enough. But, Vick will likely plead guilty to gambling on dog fighting; and the NFL has no patience for its players gambling on anything. Plus, Vick lied to Goodell when they met in the spring. Vick will be lucky to get away with just a 16-game suspension.

Mike has to be signed with a team for that suspension to tick off. So, if the Falcons release him, another team would have to pick him up as he's walking out of jail, then wait the one to two seasons for his suspension to expire, then try to get him out on the field. I highly doubt that will happen.

Even if it does, Vick is looking at possibly taking the field in the 2010 or 2011 NFL seasons, when he's in his 30s. That might not be a big deal for other quarterbacks, but for a passer who relies on his legs, it's a very big deal. He'll then be a 30-year-old quarterback who hasn't played a down in three or four seasons.

Just what a coach looks for in a QB to hand the reigns. - Cyd Zeigler jr.