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Introducing ... Stanford's Kellen Kiilsgaard


Thanks to Myspace and Youtube, we are getting the chance to meet young high school and collegiate athletes long before they make real names for themselves, and before the agents and handlers have gotten hold of them. So it was with great interest that I stumbled across the self-proclaimed "Myspace Messiah," Kellen Kiilsgaard (right). He's a freshman football player at Stanford this year; he's listed as a tight end, but he was a top-rated quarterback coming out of Auburn H.S. in Washington. And it doesn't hurt that he's hella hot.

What you learn on his Myspace page and on his Stanford player bio:

- He's partial to Disney's Mulan soundtrack; he says the soundtrack gives him goosebumps.
- In his "Messiah" Myspace page, he raps a song called, "Welcome to Myspace."
- He saved a drowning father and daughter on vacation in Hawaii.
- If he was not playing college football, he would be Living on a beach and working at McDonald's.
- On his Myspace photo gallery, there's a picture of him holding a guy in his arms with the caption, "A prince holding his king." There's another picture with the caption, "yeah...I get nervous around girls."
- But maybe best of all, on his Myspace page you can see him can dance like a white boy.

It's always cool to see top-level athletes just being silly and being themselves. This kid is comfortable with himself and doesn't put on the uber-masculine mask that so many other football players feel the need to wear. I'm a Stanford fan already, but now I'm a Kellen Kiilsgaard fan, too. -Cyd Zeigler jr.