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Thursday ramblings

I still haven't wrapped my head around the idea that Jock Talk is a blog and that I don't have to write an extensive post every Thursday and Friday, so I'll just post some short bits here.

A day after scoring 30 runs, the Texas Rangers somewhat miraculously managed to score 4 on Thursday --as noted yesterday, they logically should have lost 2-1-- but they still lost 9-4 to the Seattle Mariners.

I've been watching bits of the Little League World Series and it's classic to see these 12/13 year olds aping their major league heroes with the fist punches, pointing at the sky and all that and then when they lose, bursting in to tears and sobbing uncontrollably in the dugout.

I love sports but I'm increasingly sick of the way it's covered. Example: the Anaheim Angels Ryan Budde hit a fly ball in extra innings against the New York Yankees Monday that fell between two Yankees outfielders; the winning run scored. Fox Sports Net has replayed that moment dozens of times since then, like someone looking at their high school yearbook and getting all nostalgic because Life Was Good Then. Oh how I cackled tonight when Budde threw the ball 20 feet over Maicer Izturis' head at third base, allowing what turned out to be the winning run to score AND struck out swinging on pitch at his ankles to end the game. OK, I didn't cackle, really, I died a bit inside, but ah, baseball, hero one day and three days later, total goat.

Rory Sabatini is kind of cute but he really needs to take lessons in shutting the hell up. He's been criticizing Tiger Woods for a while and when he had a chance to put up at the Bridgestone Invitational in early August, where he lead after three rounds, but ended up imploding and losing to: Tiger Woods. He's at it again, leading the first of the four FedEx Challenge tournaments after one round and still shooting off his mouth about Woods, this time for skipping the first tournament. Like the morbid fascination with car accidents, if he's still in the mix on Saturday, I'll definitely tune in to see him blow up again.

Tim Couch is really, really, really cute (despite looking like a serial killer in the only decent photo I could find) so I was saddened to be told that he was cut by Jacksonville Jaguars these week. I was really looking forward to him holding a clipboard on the sidelines and looking handsome but alas. At least I'll still have Brian Griese to gawk at as he holds the clipboard while backing up the awful Rex Grossman in Chicago. --Jim Allen--