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U.S. Open: Gossip from the Grounds

Today, I spent the entire day roaming the grounds of the Billie Jean King USTA National Tennis Center. It's such a thrill. Not only can you see excellent matches in the early rounds, when plenty of top names are still alive, but the players and their entourages wander through the crowd. You never know what stars you may see over the course of the day. In past years, I've watched matches while sitting beside Kim Clijsters and had Marat Safin look directly at me. (I squealed like a 13-year-old girl, naturally.)

Today's schedule was rather dismal, unfortunately. I tried my best to suffer through matches with Kuznetsova and Vaidisova, but ultimately life was happier at the margarita stand. I did see Fabrice Santoro kick off what is expected to be his final U.S. Open and the unorthodox journeyman's four set victory was one of the day's few highlights.

The best part of a day at the Open, though, may be exchanging gossip about player encounters with fellow fans and friends. Today's scoop, straight from the grounds of the U.S. Open to you: during yesterday's action, former *NSync member and openly gay Broadway actor Lance Bass was spotted pulling for a certain metrosexual, underachieving spaniard who is very popular on the Outsports discussion boards. I'm just sayin'. --Wyman Meers