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Should some gays not talk sports?

Last week, as part of their NFL preview, the Philadelphia Daily News published a special section focusing on Philadelphia Eagles quarterbacks, past and present. The section was inspired by the drafting of Kevin Kolb to be Donovan McNabb's heir apparent.

Included in this section was a two-page spread in which the paper asked, “Who is the best Eagles quarterback?” This question was posed to a variety of newsmakers with Philadelphia ties -- politicians, TV reporters/anchors, radio DJs, writers, actors -- including Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell (who also co-hosts "Eagles Post Game Live" on Comcast Sportsnet), “Ugly Betty” co-star Ana Ortiz and ESPN’s Suzy Kolber.

Of the 47 replies published, 46 gave answers ranging from Norm Van Brocklin to Ron Jaworski to Randall Cunningham to Donovan McNabb, with even a vote for half-year wonder Jeff Garcia. There’s some compelling and some not-so-compelling reasoning behind their choices.

And then there’s Mark Segal, publisher of the Philadelphia Gay News, who replied: “My favorite QB will be the first QB to publicly come out…that person will become a hero/role model to many when it happens. Till then any QB that gets the Eagles to the Super Bowl is my favorite.”

That’s a lovely sentiment, truly. I’m all in favor of professional athletes coming out. The more, the merrier. Come out, come out, wherever you are! Still, is it really necessary to always stay on message, as if this were a political debate? The aforementioned Gov. Rendell didn't begin his reply with "Well, first of all he'd better be a Democrat..." I can’t help but think that this is the type of off-topic commentary that leads some unsavory types to go on about “The Gay Agenda.”

Besides, the question asked “who’s the best,” not “who’s your favorite.” There’s a difference. I don't know Mark Segal, but I have to question his knowledge of football. -- Joe Guckin