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Calling Homer Simpson, Part 2

The Philadelphia Flyers and 76ers are both introducing all-you-can-eat tickets for their upcoming seasons. With each ticket you get a voucher that is exchanged for a wristband. Showing the wristband at designated concession stands gets you free hot dogs, soft drinks, popcorn and nacho chips and salsa.

Great news, except for the price. The Flyers' tickets for the designated sections previously cost $47.50. They're now $66.00. That means you're paying $18.50 for the food. Assuming that the soft drinks won't come in the larger plastic souvenir cups, my guess is that the cost of two hot dogs (or two bags of popcorn, or two plates of nacho chips) and two sodas won't add up to $18.50. That's quite a markup. By contrast, the Baltimore Orioles charge $35.00 for their all-you-can-eat club box tickets (if bought in advance). Club box seats in the same area without the food package only cost $25.00, or $30.00 for games against the Yankees and Red Sox. And they're club box tickets! The Flyers and 76ers are trying to sell mezzanine seats that don't provide close views or much leg room.

The 76ers' markup depends on which tickets you're fortunate enough to buy. Both $15.00 and $29.00 tickets last year are now $31.00 with the food package. If only I could get into NBA basketball... -- Joe Guckin