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The Gator kiss


I must have been living on the Moon the past few days but I was not aware that Florida safety Tony Joiner kissing quarterback Tim Tebow Saturday was as big of a deal as it is. The gay blog Towleroad linked to at least three Florida papers that talked about it.

The Kiss has apparently caused quite a stir, the Florida Times-Union said.

The quick peck that Florida safety Tony Joiner planted under the left ear of quarterback Tim Tebow on Saturday following Tebow's touchdown run in the Gators' rout of Tennessee was still a hot topic on Monday.

Fans were talking about it on the radio and message boards, and Tebow was still receiving questions about it during his weekly news conference.

"I got teased a lot about it [over the weekend]," Tebow said. "When it happened, I didn't even really think about it. That's Tony."

... That's my roommate. I love him," Joiner said after the game. "We've grown close."

Uh, what's the big deal here? Has no one in Gainesville ever seen jocks kiss?

In the past year, we've reported on at least four kisses in the NFL: Bill Cowher and Joey Porter of the 2006 Steelers; Jeff Garcia and Jeremiah Trotter of the Eagles; and Chad Johnson-T.J. Houshmandzadeh and Chad Johnson-Willie Anderson of the Bengals. The kiss has also become a staple in soccer, and Isiah Thomas and Magic Johnson kissed on the court all the time during the Pistons-Lakers rivalry.

If kissing a teammate meant someone was gay, then the wow factor would kick in. But in the heat of competition, this stuff does happen and we all twitter about it. But if Joiner and Tebow ever start a Gainesville chapter of Black and White Men Together, then my eyebrows will be raised. --Jim Buzinski