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Wrestling an extreme sport

Our Discussion Board has an interesting thread started by a Div. I collegiate wrestler who is (no pun intended) also grappling with his sexuality and sharing his story. But he also highlights some of the bizarre things in a sport with high stress and where making weight is paramount. Our wrestler told this tale that is both funny and cringe-inducing at the same time:

I also tried to break my wrist my sophomore year of high school because back then I was 35 pounds under my natural weight, but since I couldn't do it myself, I took a $100 bill to school and tried to give it to all of my friends if one of them would do it, but of course they didn't. One kid did consider it though, but after a few days of thinking it over, he straight up told me that I was one of the most screwed up people he knew for asking him to do that.

I know guys that would have broken it for $20. --Jim Buzinski