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Dane Cook Curse update

You may recall my previous discussion regarding annoying comedian/film "actor" Dane Cook's annoying ads for baseball's postseason. At the time I had just witnessed his message touting the New York Mets, they had a comfortable lead in the NL East over the Philadelphia Phillies. It's down to a game and a half going into play today. Seattle's collapse is complete, and Milwaukee's is almost there as they now trail the Cubs by 2 1/2 games.

Meanwhile, last night I saw another Cook ad, this one featuring the Boston Red Sox. The Sox led the New York Yankees by 14 1/2 games earlier this season. That lead also has dropped to 1 1/2, although last night Boston upped their lead to 2 1/2. I tell you, this is a real curse! (Granted, even if Boston loses the division they'll still be the wild card, but still...) -- Joe Guckin