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Calling Homer Simpson...

There seems to be a new trend in getting people out to a major league baseball game, and if it ever hits Philadelphia I may never leave Citizens Bank Park. At least three major league teams – Atlanta, Baltimore and the Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles – are promoting special all-you-can-eat sections at their ballparks. In addition, the San Diego Padres are selling all-you-can-eat tickets for a three-game series later this month against Colorado.

With a ticket in the designated seating area (the teams are charging from $25 to $39) you get free hot dogs, soda and various other food items. The Braves have an upgrade option with a more extensive menu, including BBQ pulled pork, BBQ wings and even beer.

The Orioles actually set aside a left field club box for their all-you-can-eat section, which seems to say a lot about their lagging ticket sales these days. -- Joe Guckin