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NFL: Toast under the dome

Thoughts on the Indianapolis Colts' 41-10 butt kicking of the New Orleans Saints to kickoff the NFL season:

--If you have a fantasy team and your receivers play the New Orleans Saints: Start them! The Saints had one of the worst pass defenses a year ago and it looks no better this season. Peyton Manning threw for three touchdown, all of them against Jason David, a free agent pickup from, ironically, the Colts. David did return a fumble for an interception, but he allowed seven catches for 147 yards. If you look up the dictionary definition of a cornerback being "toast," David's photo will be there. A reader to Pro Football Talk wrote: "This is the best Jason David has ever played for the Colts."

mattyg.jpg--One can overanalyze the opener, but all the people who claimed the Colts had lost too many players in the offseason looked foolish this week. The Colts defense, supposedly weaker in these people's eyes, allowed only three points and forced three turnovers. I picked the Colts to repeat because I thought their defensive replacements were superior to what they lost. We'll see over the long haul, but the Game 1 Colts defense was fast, aggressive and could tackle.

--Hot player of the game was Colts safety Matt Giordano (photo), who returned an interception 83 yards for a touchdown. The Cal grad is fast, built and hot. He is what a scout said about him before he was drafted (does the scout write M4M ads?): "Has good muscle development with thickness in his chest and arms, good bubble with adequate calves."

--I love Keith Olbermann on "Countdown," but he does not fit on the NBC NFL show. He gave a lousy rant about Michael Vick two weeks ago (he seemed to exonerate Vick, but the commentary was too muddled to really know). On Thursday was his debut of "Worst Person in the NFL" and he totally weenied out by picking himself for the Vick piece. What a copout from someone who is fearless on his own show.

--The new Peyton Manning commercials were lame and he is getting overexposed. I had no clue what the one with him and Dolphins even meant and his "pep talks" one fell flat. --Jim Buzinski