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MLB now a ticket scalper

The other night I was looking at the Phillies website, thinking of buying tickets online. I decided to check out the Phillies Ticket Marketplace, where Diamond Club and Hall of Fame Club box season ticketholders who had extra tickets could resell them through the Phillies. The tickets were being sold only at face value, with the only additional cost being fees charged by the Phillies. (A number of other teams had a similar setup.)

It was a great idea for people who want to sit in one of these exclusive areas, where seats are sold only in full-season packages. You may not be able to afford $4050.00 for 81 games for a full season but $50.00 for one game? Sure, why not?

So I clicked on the link to the Phillies Ticket Marketplace. Surprise -- it now takes you to, the "official online provider of secondary tickets" for MLB. Of course, on StubHub tickets can be put up for sale for much more than face value. Baseball's greed knows no bounds, I guess. -- Joe Guckin