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Kidd's bad year; 'Zona leaves two on the court; Favre returning

- It's been a bad year for Jason Kidd. Maybe he thinks he's a Detroit Piston and it's 1989.

- I don't know what's worse about this story: That the Oregon State women's basketball team needed double overtime to beat an Arizona team with only four players, that Arizona finished with only two players on the court, or that Arizona only dressed six players to start with!

- How to turn a bad team into your own private industry: Get your team to hire Isiah Thomas. Love the "Don't hate the player or the game, hate the coach" shirts.

- Dateline Biloxi, Miss., Jan. 8, 2018: Favre indicates he will return for a 28th season.

- Golf Channel anchor and good friend of Tiger Woods suspended for 'lynch Tiger' comment. Sharpton pushing for entire channel to be disbanded.