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Scott Jordan's story having impact

jordan_medal.JPGIt's been great to see and hear the reaction to Scott Jordan's story we have been running since earlier this week. I found Scott because he had been entered in a contest on to find the best (or something like that) gay athlete. I emailed him and asked him to write his story. He hemmed and hawed a bit, but when I told him that it would help other young athletes like him struggling with their identity, he agreed.

He visited us in New York City a few days before Christmas. The only gay bar he'd ever been to was in Buffalo; so we decided to take him to Splash, the largest gay club in New York City. It was the energy of a 21-year-old that kept us out past 1:30am for the first time in years, and it was a blast. He was awestruck and kept repeting, "Thank you so much" and "I had no idea anything was like this."

He's a senior now, graduating this spring. Right now he's focused on finding a city to live in, and he's seriously considering Teach For America. He's a smart, incredibly grounded guy, and I'm so glad we got to tell his story (which, apparently, will soon grace the pages of The Advocate).

I spoke to him yesterday and he said he'd gotten "hundreds" of emails from people, many of them from young athletes themselves. And, regardless of what some people say, there are few things we do here at Outsports that make me happier than helping young athletes change the face of gay America. -Cyd Zeigler jr.