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The Phanatic is number one! reports that a market researcher, The Marketing Arm, has come up with a list of America's top sports mascots, based on its' Davie-Brown Index -- used by marketers to determine a celebrity's ability to influence brand identity with the public. It comes as no surprise to those of us who have watched him since his 1978 debut that the Phillie Phanatic is on top of the list. Perhaps one day the team he represents will go all-out to try and emulate his success...but I doubt it.

I have a few quibbles about the rest of the top ten:

2. San Diego Chicken (San Diego Padres)
3. Mr. Met (New York Mets)
4. Racing Sausages (Milwaukee Brewers)
5. Benny the Bull (Chicago Bulls)
6. Rally Monkey (Los Angeles Angels)
7. Sourdough Sam (San Francisco 49ers)
8. Rowdy (Dallas Cowboys)
9. Rally (Atlanta Braves)
10. Miles (Denver Broncos)

Mr. Met is just a head. Snooooooooooze. The sausage race is fun, but they aren't really mascots for the team. And isn't the Rally Monkey just a videotape? They don't have a monkey running around the ballpark, do they? And who knew the Braves even had a mascot? -- Joe Guckin