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Where are the Tampa Bay fans?

Tickets went on sale to the general public on December 22nd for a Tampa Bay Buccaneers' home playoff game. The game against the New York Giants is now four days away, and the game is still not sold out. Apparently some corporation or sponsor will have to buy up the remainder or the game will be blacked out on local television. Pitiful. You'd think rebounding from last year's dismal 4-12 season to win the NFC South would fire up Bucs fans, but apparently not.

Of course, there's a way the Bucs could sell more tickets: by letting Giants fans buy them. However, the Bucs have restricted sales through Ticketmaster to people whose credit card billing address has a Florida zip code.

Giants fans who want to see the game in person will have to go through ticket brokers or sites such as eBay or StubHub, but they shouldn't complain: the Giants placed similar restrictions on their tickets before a 2000 Eagles-Giants playoff game at the Meadowlands. -- Joe Guckin