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LeBron loves the wrong teams

LeBron James is an Akron, Ohio native. He’s playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He's a very talented player and, speeding issues notwithstanding, seems to be a good person. However, he has a serious character flaw.

Since childhood, he has been a fan of the New York Yankees instead of the hometown Indians. Last year he attended game one of the Yankees-Indians AL Division Series at Jacobs Field, not only wearing a Yankees cap but proudly holding it above his head. This angered a lot of people in Cleveland, but they got the last laugh when the Indians eliminated the Yanks in four games.

Now, James is at it again -- Nike will soon release a James-designed shoe. It features the Yankees’ blue-and-white color scheme, pinstripes and the number 23 (which is James’ number and also the number of Yankees great Don Mattingly). The shoe will initially be made available only in the New York area. Big surprise.

When Tony Bruno, a Philadelphia native and nationally syndicated host on Sporting News Radio, was on WIP radio here, he explained the odd phenomenon of finding Dallas Cowboys fans who were born and raised in Eagles territory with two words: “bad parenting.” Clearly this is the case with LeBron James. James, as it turns out, has a favorite NFL team as well, and it’s not the Cleveland Browns.

Which team does he root for? As Peyton Manning said in one of his pep talk commercials, “Yeah, you’re feelin’ me.” LeBron loves the Dallas Cowboys. -- Joe Guckin