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Sports roundup: Snowboard for two, Gatlin's massage, Good coach bad coach

- For the couple who never wants to be separated by more than six to eight inches comes the snowboard built for two. "On steeper hills you're definitely looking for some drag," the board's creator said.

gatlin.jpg- With Justin Gatlin's 4-year ban in the news, several pubs are revisiting Gatlin's claim that a masseur rubbed steroids on his leg to sabotage him (insert happy ending joke here). It seems ludicrous, but it's the kind of sabotage that Martina Navratilova mentioned to Outsports a month ago.

- Dolphins fire Cam Cameron, will have fifth head coach in five seasons. Don Shula pops a bottle of champagne.

- Patriots coach Bill Belichick wins Coach of the Year. Mercury Morris pops a vicodin.