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Romo's love life in the news again

The Go-Go's hit song "Vacation" was stuck in my head for awhile today. You know, "Vacation, all I ever wanted/Vacation, had to get away/Vacation, meant to be spent alone..." The last line of that chorus apparently didn't connect with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. As the Cowboys enjoyed their bye week before Sunday's NFC Divisional Playoff game, Romo took a weekend trip of his own to Mexico with his girlfriend, mediocre singer/actress/"reality" TV bimbo Jessica Simpson. Simpson's parents and Jason Witten and his wife were along for the ride, but needless to say the paparazzi focused on the celebrity couple, particularly when Simpson was pawing Romo's butt.

Apparently this has many Cowboys fans worried. Simpson was at the Cowboys' 10-6 loss to the Eagles last month in which Romo threw three interceptions and had a career-low 22.2 passer rating. Terrell Owens even said that Simpson should stay away from now on. Later he said he was joking. The Dallas offense then sputtered through most of the final two games in the regular season after Owens sprained his ankle.

Does this mean the New York Giants can come away with the victory on Sunday? It probably depends more on Owens' availability for the game, but there may be some good news: Simpson won't be at the game. Her spokesperson told the New York Post, "She is not attending. She is working on a new album. She will be watching from home and cheering him on."

Cowboys fans hope she hasn't already worn him out. -- Joe Guckin