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The Orange County 49ers?

Forbes magazine recently did a study to look at what pro teams may be on the move in the coming years. While the writer says that recent economic problems in the country make it less likely that a team will move in the next year, run-down stadiums and smaller markets could drive teams in each league to head elsewhere. And where are they most likely to go?

Ultimately, these things have a way of coming back around. Desirable landing places for struggling teams, Mullin believes, include Las Vegas and Orange County, Calif., (which has the goods for a state-of-the-art facility and enough people for a strong fan base despite the plethora of teams up the road in Los Angeles). He also thinks Kansas City, Mo., despite its modest size, is ripe for an NHL or NBA club.

Still, I'm holding out for the West Hollywood Packers.... The 10 teams at the top of Forbes' list of most likely to move, after the jump.

Florida Marlins (MLB)
Tampa Bay Rays (MLB)
Buffalo Bills (NFL)
Minnesota Vikings (NFL)
San Francisco 49ers (NFL)
Charlotte Bobcats (NBA)
New Orleans Hornets (NBA)
Nashville Predators (NHL)
Phoenix Coyotes (NHL)
New York Islanders (NHL)