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TBS chokes in the clutch

Anxious as I am to find out who will be the Phillies' opponent in the World Series, I tuned into TBS at 8:07 pm, just in time for the scheduled first pitch of the game, only to find an episode of The Steve Harvey Show. The game must be in a rain delay, I thought, until I remembered that Tropicana Field is a domed stadium. Then I wondered why they didn't switch back to the TBS studios.

Finally, a few moments later, a message crawled across the bottom of the screen: technical difficulties. The game finally appeared during the bottom of the first inning, only after B.J. Upton's solo homer gave the Tampa Bay Rays a 1-0 lead over the Boston Red Sox. Chip Caray apologized for the technical difficulties "out of Atlanta," which I suppose explains why no studio update was forthcoming.

Thanks for nothing, TBS. The only way this could have been worse is if I were a Rays or Sox fan.