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Nude photos surface of French swimmer

Nude photos, apparently of French swimmer Frederick Bousquet, have surfaced on the Internet, causing a bit of a scandal. Bousquet, who swam at the Olympics, has recently posed for a shoot by photographer Raymond Grubb (sample photo below). These are of the artistically tasteful variety.

But Outsports contributing photographer Finneye posted that: "It seems as if the shots by Raymond were not artistic enough to Frederick. So he apparently grabbed a webcam and started making photos of his own."

The nude photos first surfaced on the Famous Males forum, by someone who said Bousquet took them with his webcam. I have been reading translations of some French media reports and they say that while the photos haven't been 100% verified as that of Bousquet, the resemblance is striking; none of the nude pics have a face. Slueths on various gay websites have determined, in the words of one: "Oh and the tattoos match ... it's him for sure, he's using a mirror. He's damn fine ... and HUNG!"

Here are some VERY NOT SAFE FOR WORK images, so you can see for yourself: