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Hot jock: Rugby league's Nick Youngquest

One more reason pro jocks overseas are less inhibited than their U.S. counterparts. Mark at DNA magazine in Australia sent us these four images of Youngquest, a pro player in Australian professional rugby league (now moving to play in France). In addition to the DNA spread, he is also one of 20 players to pose for a charity calendar "Gods of Football."

Twenty pages of Australia's hottest rugby league players in a limited-edition, premium quality, nude calendar, photographed by Pedro Virgil. The calendar raises awareness and funds for The McGrath Foundation breast cancer charity. Be the first to see these studs go ‘naked for a cause.'

More photos below:

In the DNA interview, Youngquest was asked:

We love seeing you in fashion and calendar shoots. Is that where you see your career heading post-rugby league?

I'm not too sure. I mean, I do enjoy it - anything for charity is good. Obviously making a career out of it would be ideal. I'm just happy playing footy at the moment and seeing where that takes me.