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Walk-on kicking for Texas Tech

You gotta love this story out of Texas Tech. The Red Raiders are undefeated and have a legit shot at the BCS title. In their first seven games, their kickers missed six PATs. Not field goals, PATs. So their head coach decided to give a shot to a student, Matt Williams, who won free rent at halftime of a game by kicking a 30-yard field goal.

"They relayed a message to me saying that Coach [Mike] Leach wanted to talk to me," Williams told the next day. "He told me to come into his office on Tuesday and talk to him, and then Coach [Clay] McGuire told me to come and speak with him on Monday."

Williams got his shot this week and successfully kicked all nine PATs he attempted. Now, he's the kicker for the team sitting at No. 7 in the BCS standings and will play against Texas on Saturday. A Disney movie can't be far behind.

I tried to find a pic of Williams, but he's not even on the team's roster online.