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Rain extends Philly's drought

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So now we know. This whole championship drought in Philadelphia was an act of God. And this World Series proves it. He has thrown everything at Major League Baseball to get them to end this Series before Philadelphia wins it. With the Phillies just 12 outs from the title, the Rays tied the game and prompted the commissioner to suspend play due to rain. And play may not resume until Wednesday. Snow has even been mentioned as a possibility for tonight.I can only imagine what's going to happen once play does finally resume. I'm starting to wonder how many people will actually be watching the game when the Phillies do, in fact, win it all.

It was funny listening to players talk last night about thinking the Series would be over if the game was called and the Phillies were in the lead. Can you imagine the P.R. nightmare for MLB if they handed the Phillies the title in the sixth inning of a game? As Bud Selig said after the game, that would have never happened; But it's so curious that many people thought it might.