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Texas Tech stuns No. 1 Texas

If you missed the end of the Texas Tech-Texas game, you missed one of the great endings in recent college football history. Texas Tech scored on a 28-yard touchdown pass from Graham Harrell (right) to Michael Crabtree with one second left to lift the Red Raiders over No. 1 Texas, 39-33, in Lubbock.

The Longhorn who feels the most sick today has to be freshman defensive back Blake Gideon. A play before the touchdown pass, Gideon dropped an easy interception on a ball that fell right into his arms after it bounced off a Tech player. Getting a reprieve, Harrell hit Crabtree down the right sideline; Crabtree made the catch at the 5-yard line, spun and raced into the end zone.

The idiot Texas Tech fans stormed the field twice (once after the TD and again after replay confirmed the score). Tech was penalized for two unsportsmanlike conducts and kicked off from its own 7. But a squib kick ended the game and Texas' unbeaten season. The Tech score negated a great rally by the Longhorns that saw them overcome a 22-3 deficit to take a 33-32 lead with 1:29 left.

The Longhorns' loss means there will be a new No. 1 team and it will likely be No. 2 Alabama. I expect Penn State to move to second and Texas Tech to third. After that, there will start the parade of one-loss teams, including Florida, USC, Oklahoma and Texas. It will take the next month to sort it all out.