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Mike 'I'm Not Gay' Piazza to write autobiography

Via Deadspin, we learn that the fomer Dodgers and Mets catcher Mike Piazza is writing his autobiography. Piazza is perhaps most well known for his bizarre 2002 press conference where he declared he was not gay. Piazza started a bit of a trend among jocks publicly declaring their heterosexuality, then marrying Playboy Playmates (see also: Garcia, Jeff).

According to Publisher's Weekly, he'll "discuss controversies of his career, including the 2000 World Series incident when Roger Clemens threw a shattered bat at him, and the press conference he held to deny rumors that he was gay. The autobiography will also cover Piazza's tumultuous relationships with the Dodgers, their front office and Tommy Lasorda; as well as his former teammates Bobby Valentine, Pedro Martinez, Rickey Henderson and others."

There is no title for the book at this time, but I'm positive Mike will go out of his way to ensure "Catcher" is not in it.

Unless Piazza dishes some real dirt, ala Jose Canseco, or says he's changed his mind about his sexuality, why would anyone want to read his autobiography? Save for the "I'm not gay" press conference, when has Piazza said or done anything remotely interesting? Sound like just another retired jock trying to cash in on whatever fame he has left.