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Roger "Robin Hood" Goodell?

Big kudos to the NFL for showing some sensitivity about the worsening economic situation. First, the league is lowering the playoff-ticket pricing guidelines for this season. According to, the average ticket prices for playoff games should be about 10% lower this season, and for the first time the league has authorized lower prices for wild-card games than for divisional-round games.

In Detroit, columnist Drew Sharp says the NFL should also lift the blackout rule for Lions games that aren't sold out. The city, and all of Michigan, has been hit particuarly hard by the implosion of the auto industry and the departure of various other companies from the state. It would certainly be a kind gesture but would also open up a lot of "what about me" requests from other cities. Now, if they would only stop holding fans hostage by showing games on the NFL Network, we'd have a clean sweep.