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Boy is that bird aggressive!

There was talk from the Baltimore Orioles braintrust that they wanted to scrap the current incarnation of their logo in order to go with a more aggressive version of the "swinging bird" logo. Of course, in today's world of steroids and growth hormones, you can't exactly have the bird incarnation of Barry Bonds on your hat. So they re-thought things... they still wanted aggressive, they still wanted a bird. Here's what they came up with!

See how MAD that bird is now? He's got his claw clenched up like a fist! He's gonna peck your F'ing eye out with his razor sharp steel beak!
I'm amazed Peter Angelos can't even get this right. Of course, logo changes are really designed to inspire more sales, and nothing inspires sales more than playoff appearances. Unfortunately for those fans of the Orange & Black, the O's haven't sniffed the playoffs since, well, this happened. And that was 11 years ago now.

Well, at least Nick Markakis and Luke Scott are nice to look at.