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NFL tickets for $6.50!

I recently read an item (I think it was at about how Eagles fans interested in seeing a road game could do so a little more cheaply. The article suggested going to Cincinnati, as the Bengals' struggles have led some ticket-holders to put them up for sale at reduced prices.

Sure enough, right now on there are tickets available for the Eagles-Bengals game for as little as $28.00. But that's not the lowest price for Bengals tickets. For their upcoming home game against Baltimore, a StubHub user is auctioning off four tickets. The face value of these particular tickets is $72.00 each. The current bid for the four tickets, a $288 value, is $26.00. That's $6.50 per ticket.

Imagine -- regular-season NFL football for $6.50...oh, wait. That may not be accurate. I'm not sure the Bengals qualify as an actual NFL team right now.