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Troubled Seahawks fan: No Homo!

Kudos to Deadspin for catching this obviously well-balanced, well-intentioned Seahawks fan at a Seattle-based Pro-Prop 8 rally (actually, an Anti-Anti-Prop 8 rally, but who's counting). The cop behind him is giggling for a good reason, as you can see in this picture.

Of course, I couldn't begin to guess at the sexuality of anyone wearing a t-shirt with a red cross through the word "homo." But I do have to wonder at the sanity of someone wearing a Seahawks hat and holding a sign equating "sports nuts" with "baby killers" and, via the Corinthians reference, thieves, adulterers and drunkards (and yes, those pesky homosexuals). Perhaps his sanity was pushed to the limit because, as you read this, Matt Hasselbeck just threw another interception.