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For sale cheap: used QB. Contact Andy Reid at...

The Donovan McNabb era in Philadelphia effectively ended today. After another dismal first-half performance (8 for 18, 59 yards, 2 interceptions, a lost fumble and a 13.2 passer rating), Eagles coach Andy Reid replaced McNabb with Kevin Kolb, their top pick in the 2007 draft. Not that it's helped. As I write this, Kolb has completed one pass to the Eagles and one to the Ravens in four futile possessions.

Regardless of whether the Eagles suddenly wake up and win this game (which they won't), the rest of the season will be dominated by this newly minted quarterback controversy. Each week the question will be "who will start?" If, for some reason, McNabb starts again, with each incomplete pass he'll be looking over his shoulder expecting to be yanked again. There can be no doubt now that McNabb will be traded if a team is willing to give up something, anything. Otherwise, he'll just be released, as doing so will be beneficial to the one thing the Eagles excel at above all else: staying well under the salary cap.